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When you are first starting out in content marketing the possibilities can seem endless to where you share your content. Sometimes this can be simply sharing the content on your Facebook wall or sharing the URL around to friends/contacts to check out the new website

They’re many ways to share content in the off-line and online world depending on your chosen subject but having a solid content marketing strategy is always recommended.

Some will automatically assume sharing the content in many places as possible will be the best policy to get more traffic to the content. Though that can be true in some cases, it really is best to look at the key facts about your chosen subject first and do research on the target audience of the content.

If you simply just share the content everywhere without any given thought then you could get many eyes to the content but maybe not the right people who are interested in this information. Choosing just a chosen few of social media platforms to use is much better than wasting your time uploading everywhere when you could be focusing on other areas of your business.

That is what we are trying to do online, share the right information to answer the questions of our audience. When someone uses a search engine they’re looking for the right answer to the question or quire they have and trying to find the right brand that will provide this information that they can trust.

Authority and trust are the main things that people are looking for online. That is really what online marketing is really about, creating a brand that people can trust to delivery the information or product/service they need.

When people use Google they trust Google as a brand to find the best answers possible to the question they have. Some people only want a fast answer and will only click the first thing that appears or some will want to look around for awhile to find a good quality website. You cannot control what people search for, but what you can do is make sure whatever you promote online is good quality information and use the right places to share this information to the target audience of the niche.

Firstly lets take a look at the places you could use to promote your content Online.

  • Facebook – Facebook can be used in a number of ways to promote your brand on a created Facebook fan page. On this page you can introduce what your brand is about and what you can offer If the viewer becomes a fan of the page. On here you can share links to blog posts, advertise the latests deals of your products, hold competitions, conduct surveys, polls, share videos, latests news or events that are coming up. Let me give some examples of this:

  1. Sharing links – you can share links to your website directing them to the latest blog post. This can keep your fan base up to date and direct new fans to the main source of information. You can share links that direct your fans to relevant information related to your niche. This can be used when promoting other websites or just sharing quality content that you think will help your current audience.

If you do affiliate marketing and have some good products that could help your audience then you can share them here. Tell your fans about the latest deal that is on offer for this product and share the link where they can find it. You can also do this with your won product if you offer them.

  1. Advertising the latest deals – When creating a Facebook fan page you have to define the purpose of your page to your online marketing campaign as a whole. Just using Facebook to advertise the latest deals can do just that. Offer your fans the latest deals and create this page only for deals can create an app like page where your audience just use it to find the best deals on the your niche.

  2. Competitions – Holding Facebook only competitions cannot only raise the number of fans you receive to the page but also be a great way to keep your audience engaged with your brand. Offer T-shirts, gifts, branded promotional merchandise or anything you think your audience would love.

To enter the competition you can ask them to do a call to action. This could be asking them to sign up to your news letter, liking your Facebook page, sharing content that you have created, taking part in a survey or any action you would benefit from.

  1. Ad space. If you have a community that is based upon selling their second hand goods or exchanging items, then you can let your community have control of your Facebook fan page. Your Facebook page can be a place where people post pictures, description and location of their items for sale. Give them a limited amount of times they can re-post it per day by monitoring the page.

This can be a great way to build up a fan base in a certain or different geographical locations. By creating a space people can use for free and connecting as a community, this type of page will be a useful place for your audience to go too. By adding your brand to the page people will want to know more by about you by adding this simple but useful service.

I have seen this work first-hand, this can be a useful part of a much bigger online marketing campaign. So you can see that if you use your creative mind, a fan page can be more than just a list of people to advertise to but a interactive tool you can use.

Ad space is also a place on any website that is available for you to advertise your product or company in form of ad banner. You can use platforms like Google Adwords, Bing advertising, Facebook ads or to advertise on other related websites to yours through a broker service.

The best thing about this type of advertising is that it is usually target traffic by using keywords on adwords that are related to your site or advertising in the same type of niche on a different website. To be able to do this you will have to create a banner ad and if you don’t have the skills, you an just ou course it to a freelancer or use

  1. Anniversary’s. Annual events throughout the year such as mothers day or fathers day can be a great way to engage your audience more on a personal level. With so many holidays throughout the year you can celebrate with your customers on these occasions.

    For their Birthday send them a happy birthday card and maybe a free gift for their loyal custom to you. For Christmas give them a voucher for a percentage off when buying from your shop. It really is the little things that count and great customer service will always be number in any business as without them they will be no business.

But not only can you surprise them with free gifts like calenders or mugs, you can share great content online with them too that will help them in some way. For example, if you have a food website you could give them a free Christmas dishes cook book you have made or direct them yo a place where they can get cheap deals for food.

Just be creative when wanting to share content with your audience and make sure you have their best interests at heart the for sure you will come out on top.

  • Youtube – The worlds most visited video site is pack with unique videos from around the world with subjects ranging from cats and dogs to comedy commentary shows. You can nearly find most subjects on Youtube these days and if you have a question, you are sure to find the answer.

    The answer you receive will depend on the quality of the person who presents the information and the type of video it is. They’re many professional businesses that create tutorial videos but with just about anyone with a camera having access to Youtube, the quality can vary dramatically.

However, you don’t need all the fancy software to become a good source of information. All you need is quality content and the confidence to speak to a microphone or video recorder.

Lets look at the types of videos you could create to promote your business or provide information.

  1. Animation Video – Animation videos are a great way to present a short but effective video advertising your business, product or service. The main different types of animation videos are:

  • Whiteboard animation

  • Cartoon animation

  • Flipbook animation

  • Stop motion animation

  • 2D and 3D animation

They’re other types of animation but these are the main ones that are generally used in online promotion.

Creating weekly comedy shows around a company mascot can be a great promotional tool. Maybe you have “Harry the mouse” that gives tips on your niche every week on Youtube. Many companies over the years have mascots, one that springs to mind in the UK Is “Sergei” of compare the market… “simples”.

2, Training videos – Here you can create one on one personal videos sharing your tips, ideas, experiences, thoughts, strategies or stories. This type of video can be a great way to build authority on a niche and create trust by providing quality informational content.

Try to share personal stories about your life or share some facts that people may not know. Not only personal stories but the story of how the business started and how you the customer is helping to change the community around them. Doing this at the start of the training videos with the company storing, missions statement and future goals is a great introduction to your brand.

Sometimes it can easy for a brand to seem a little superficial to people but if you are more easy approachable and can create that friendly feeling you will grow your audience faster. Not only personal stories but the story of how the business stated and how you the customer is helping to change the community around them

  1. Tutorial videos – These types of video’s are usually copy screened with a voice over showing the user how to use software, reviewing equipment or how to do anything on a computer.

But you are not just limited to this, you can record yourself doing anything such as cooking classes, how to make videos, drawing lessons or any skill that you have to present to the world.

  1. Event videos – You can record webinars, seminars, group discussions or workshops that you host. This can be useful as a promotional tool to get more visitors to future events of this type Giving people a taste of what is to come and what past attendees have to say about the experience.

Webinars and seminars can be recorded to produce a product that you can sell. If you give away really good information and some of your fans can not get to the live event, record this for them so they may purchase this and watch in the comfort of their own home.

  1. Business dairy – Doing a video each month on the current progress of the latest project or company goals can involve your customers more. Creating transparency and opening the doors to the audience is an exiting experience for the fans. They get to see the workings of the business and the craftsmanship that goes into every detail of the business or project. This can install trust and show the real quality you provide with everything you do.

    Going a step further, you could even involve them in the process of the goals or project by asking them what they would like to see happen. Then in then next video that you produce, give a shout out to whoever made the suggestion and show them the progress.

  1. How it is made videos – If you sell physical products or would like to show your audience how stuff is made, then this is the video type for you. We have all seen the show “How stuff is made” and most people are really interested to see the process from simple idea to fully made product

    Even if you don’t make your own physical products but online products, then show them the process you did to make that awesome e-book everyone is talking about. Show them the software you used, how long it takes, the details that you included and the experience that you bring to the e-book.

Not just creating an image but also feeling like the audience know you personally is really important in the customer/business relationship.

  • Twitter – Twitter as evolved into a way that people can express thoughts on a current matter in a short but to the point way. It is simple these days for celebrities or online companies to share the current news to their fan base.

    The ways you could use Twitter are:

  1. Promote latest products

  2. promote affiliate links

  3. share live event seminars you are doing

  4. provide links to call to actions such as sign ups

  5. You could make money for Twitter if you have a huge following. Companies will pay you to tweet relevant links.

  6. Share relevant retweets to your following that they might find interesting.

  7. Use Hashtags to tag your latest lunchtime deals or morning coffee deals in your tweets.

Whatever you do choose to do on Twitter, please remember to be respectful to your following and only provide them links that are relevant. Do not spam them with many links and try to listen to what your following are saying about the links you provide for good feedback.

They’re are so may other great ways you could use Twitter for your marketing campaign. Whatever you do choose to do, have fun with it and make sure your Twitter following are having fun too.

  • Google+ Community’s – Google+ communities are a great way to be apart of a thriving hub around a particular subject. You can dive right into the communities that you follow and have a good discussion on the latest matters surround this niche.

The goal here however is to create your own community on Google+ that your following can be apart of. Now to use Google+ mainly for promotion reasons can get you banned by a moderator if doing this on another community. The best way to use this service is to really engage your following on a personal level.

You can ask the opinion on a certain subject, ask them to review a product and discuss the negatives or positives of its usability. Ask them what they think the future of your niche is to get ideas for future products or services.

Once again the possibilities are only limited to your imagination what you can do here. Be that doing research, interacting with customers, creating master mind groups or just having fun.

  • Linkedin profile and groups – Linkedin is another amazing way to create groups and connect with professionals in your niche. First start with the connections that you have already and then grow from that starting point. If you provide your group with good content every week they then will spread the word about your group to other professionals in their contact list.

Linkedin really is gold when it comes to communities online and if you can create good relationships the opportunities are endless to what you could do. You could do joint venture projects together, share each others content/email list, create products together and so much more.

Like the old saying goes “It is not what you know it is who you know”.

  • Subject related Forums – Forums are a great way to see the current trend in your niche and exchange ideas, tips or experience. One place that I visit sometimes Is the warrior forum. It allows me to keep up to date on some information on my industry and take part in discussions.

They also can be a great way to get some traffic to your website and maybe future customers. The traffic is targeted to your niche and you also have the benefit of connections already made in the various forum posts.

Now in most cases you cannot post links in these forums to your website or affiliate product. However, you can post a link in your profile signature and this will be left every time you post a comment.

  • Instagram – The picture loving website gives you the chance to share our amazing world in bright, interesting colour pictures. But it really does go beyond this if you use your imagination.

Sharing a brand story, the history of your brand, latest products, doing a launch product on there, event pictures, staff introductions, inspiring moments or just simple quotes of the day matched with a beautiful picture.

Paintings and pictures are really forever, capturing a moment in time or visual dream we desire. They can inspire us, make us feel happy or show success one day we wish to achieve ourselves. Daring to dream and create what we want with our business by taking a picture to show others what this is

  • Pinterest – Pinterest is a useful tool to find the subjects we are most passionate about and create a personalised board so we can stay in touch and fine them easy. But it always a great tool for business to use to expand their business influence.

Below is a short list of how you can use Pinterest:

  1. Create product pins with your latest price deals posted on them and products that you sell.

  2. Create different boards for each subject and post your blogs articles to them. This makes it easier to have all your content in one place.

  3. Use other social media and email marketing/newsletters to direct traffic to your pins.

  4. Share other content on Pinterest that your audience might like to read.

  5. Hold competitions by pinning the picture of the prize and tell other that once this item is shared eight hundred times you will select a winner.

  6. Take pictures of events that your company as taken part in and show how your company is helping in the world in pictures.

  7. Pin videos that you have made from Youtube that is helpful in some way to your audience. This gives you another platform to expose your video to more eyes.

  8. Create/share recipes, how too articles, quotes or anything that you can think of that will expose your brand in a positive light.

  • RRS Feeds – RRS feeds are a really great tool for your audience to use. By introducing this to them and providing the information on how to use RRS feeds, you can make sure your audience are keeping up to date with all your latests posts.

RRS feeds are generally used to keep your audience up to date when you post something new.

  • Guest Blog posts – If you know another blogger or have contacts in the blogging world, then guest blog posting can be a great way to share traffic among each others website. Striking a deal to let you both write some guest blog posts to share is great to connect customers to each others products.

  • Email Marketing – Capturing emails from your audience is a great way to have a loyal fan base list. We hear it all the time that money is in the list but this saying cannot be said enough. If you have loyal customers who keep coming back again and again to your site then that can amount to some serious dough through the lifetime of that single customer.

You can do this by sharing information that you know will be interesting to your email list. Send them links to your latests articles, initiations to online webinars, videos that will help them on their learning experience within this niche, software links that might be useful, free gifts for call to actions or just say thank you from time to time to really appreciate your loyal customers.

The first thing that you should once they have signed up to your newsletter is to thank them for doing so. Then after time you can send them a series of emails introducing yourself and building a relationship by sending them quality content.

By providing that needed service or answering that question they have you can become the place to be for them. Look after your customers and for sure they will look after you.

Using this in your content strategy will help you to become more trusted and an authority in your business field online.

  • Free Ebooks – E-books are a great gift when combined with email sign ups. Not only are you offering a chance to introduce yourself, your brand and what you can do for them. It is also a great way to share some great information and tips for free to install trust.

By helping them out they will surely feel the need to thank you for all the hard work you are giving away for free. This then can lead them visiting your site more and then eventually buying your products.

In the e-book itself you can promote the products or service you offer and also add affiliate links for recommended software. Another way to monetise the free e-book is if you have enough traffic you can have other companies advertise in the e-book by paying you a commission to do so.

  • itunes podcast – Podcasts are really not to be over looked when it comes to sharing content online. Podcast give you the ability to have your very own talk show for the world to listen too. If successful enough, it can really give you a traffic boost to your site and also provide fans that listen week after week to your shows on Itunes.

    Having popular guests on the show, conducting interviews with professionals

    in your industry, talking about the latest topics, inviting guests to ask questions, holding competitions and giving away free merchandise with the brand of the show on them can really involve your audience on a whole new level.

    But don’t just stop there, ask them what they would like to know more about. Invite some of your audience to the show so you can ask them what inspires them to come to a site like yours. Share personal experiences or your expert opinion on a particular subject within your niche.

Make the show fun, engaging and inspiring to get to the best results out of your podcast. The software that you use ad the tools like microphones, pot filters, mixers etc can really make a difference to the quality of the show.

Now they’re many other platforms you can use online to spread your message around but the ones these are the main popular sites brands or software businesses usually choose. You won’t need to use them all and I really recommend that you don’t. It all depends on the type of business that you run online and which are most suitable to share your content.

However I would recommend using at least one picture site like Instergram, Youtube for videos, Facebook for social media, Twitter for broadcasts, Google+ for communities and using Aweber for email marketing.

Many thanks for viewing this article about creating a content marketing strategy and I hope it will help you to share your content online. If you found it useful do share it around with other people who it might help.

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