If you are tired of your current web-host or have just made a sale of the domain name that you currently own, then now is the time for a domain name transfer. If you have never done this before it can seem a complicated task to do. However, transferring domain names from one register to another is a simple process that can take at minimum of five days.

Below we will show you the simple steps you must take to transfer your domain name after a sale or for transferring to your new web-host.

Step 1

The first step you must take before any is to make sure that your domain name is older than 60 days. Domains cannot be transferred if the date of registration is before the 60 days mark. If you are unsure if it is less than 60 days since you registered, then you can do a “Whois” search to find this out.

Step 2

The next step is to make sure that the domain you own is not locked and the status-code is unlocked for transfer. Most registers have a lock in place so that any request without your permission does not take place and is easily stopped. To unlock your domain you must go to your domain name settings and look for the lock tab to change it from locked to unlock and press save.

The location of the lock tab might be different for every web-host so please look around and check the Q&A section on your web-hosts website.

Step 3

Once you have unlocked your domain now you can ask your web-host for an EPP code (Transfer code) to be authorize the transfer. This code is unique to your web-host and domain name created for your protection of the domain property. This stops anyone claiming your domain as theirs or for any unauthorised transfers to take place without it.

Simply go to your domain settings to request an authorization code or email your current provider asking them to email it to you. If you don’t know who your web-host is, once again do an “Whois” search to find all the information on you need on the domain name.

Step 4

Now that you have the authorization code you are ready to request a domain transfer to your new web-host or the customers web-host. Sometimes they can be a fee for the transfer and the price of this will vary between web-hosts. If you want to know the price for this service or to see if it is free, contact your current provider.

They will also provide you with their own security code in this process. Once you have all the codes you need, you are ready to begin the process. Go to your domain manager and find the transfer tab, enter the codes that you have along with your domain name you are transferring and then press enter. The web-host will do all the work from here and it can take between 5 to 10 days for a domain name transfer to be complete.

You will receive conformation emails to your inbox telling you about the transfer and be kept up to date with the transfer process. Some country-code domains or top-level-domains can take longer or have special requirements for transfer, your web-host will have more information on the process of these.

If you would like information on how to buy a domains name or the different types of domain names that you can purchase then please check our other article on this in the domains section of this blog.

Thank you for viewing this article on domain name transfers and good luck with your transfer process.

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