What is a domain name?

Domain names are the addresses you type into the search bar to find the location that you are looking for. The domain name is chosen by the individual or business to represent the type of website it is and it is their internet virtual property address. You can think of domains names as real world property or land but virtual, you use the search bar to send you to that address instead of driving there like the real world.

What are domain extensions?

Domain extensions are the end of the domain names that represent the type of site you are visiting or location. Examples of this are .com, .org .UK and .EU. Today they’re many different domain extensions representing different job professions, organizations and charity’s and this is likely to grow to other fields. Examples of this are .Pub, .Club, .Studio etc.

What can I do with a domain name?

Domain names can be used for various purposes but usually are used for web addresses leading to websites. The various ways you can use domain names are:

  1. Parked Domains – Parked domain names are domains that are not currently used and host advertisements from various sources. People use domain parking to earn money from the clicks the advertisements get from viewers of the domain name. Viewers click the advertisements and the domain owner gets a commission for this.

  2. Redirecting traffic – You can use your domain name to redirect to another website that is related to the subject of the domain name. The purpose of this could be for affiliate marketing or just for a short version of the websites primary domain.

  3. Any kind of web presence – You can use the domain name for blogs, static websites, e commence sites and any subject you an think of.

They say the world is your oyster, I say the internet is your universe”

– Fruity Creative

registering a domain name

When it comes to registering your domain name you have many choices to choose from. The traditional way is to find a web host that you would like to host your website and use the search domain name engine they provide to see if it is available.

However if the domain name that you desire is not free for purchase you can click on the link next to it to request an email notification when it is ready for purchase. Or you could use websites such as Flippa.com or Sedo.com to purchase a domain name for sale. These sites also offer the auction function that you can bid on domain names like Ebay.

The price that is asked for these domain names can vary from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds depending of popularity of the domain or if it is a major key search term word.

Words that are short or are popular in the search engines used in domain names will make the value of the name become higher. Also if the domain name is not sold on its own and is attached to a website then the value will also depend on the valuation of the website too.

Single words that are searched for highly in the search engine produce a high sale price. The main reason for this is the traffic the website would receive once ranked for that keyword because more people use the shortest words, phrases or questions they can when using search engines. It’s value is also in the branding value of the keyword name itself and the industry it may represent the most to the masses.

However with the recent updates in 2011 in the Google algorithm, less influence is placed on exact match domain names in the search keyword ranking. What is now considered more is quality of the content, quality back-links, social marketing proof, company branding and other combined factors giving the search engine user a better quality result.

Another way to buy the domain you desire is to go direct to the owner and ask if they are willing to sell the domain to you. To Find an owner of a domain name simply go to Whois.com and type the domain name in the search. This is usually is however for a high price due to many internet marketers having a huge portfolio of domain name ownership that is rare to find.

Some domain name owners wish to keep their personal information private but others who may be open to offers allow their details to be viewable in the Whois.com search. This is usually is however for a high price due to many internet marketers having a huge portfolio of domain name ownership that is rare to find.

Different Types Of Domain Extensions

Domain extensions are the end of a domain name that represent the type of website they are visiting. The choice of the type of extensions people can use is getting bigger all the time. The domain extensions that are available now are:

  1. .com – The .com extension usually represents that you are an international company and will accept orders from around the world.

  2. .UK .US. EU. – These types of domains represent the geographical location of where the business is based.

  3. .Leeds .London. New york – You can now also use regional locations for the extension and more are being added all the time. Please check if your location is available at the time of reading this article.

  4. .Pro .me. .teaching – These create a domains extensions can be used by professionals who want to create an expert image and verify the profession.

  5. .Ninja .Club – Subject domain extensions can represent the organisation and what they do. .Club would be great for party goers or a night club business.

  6. .Biz .Info – These types of extensions can show what type of website you have. .Info for informational website and .Biz for business website. They’re many different types of these domain extensions.

As you can see they’re many types of domain extensions you can enquire for your website. The one you choose would depend of the type of website you will have and what you are trying to represent to the audience.

Domain Name Research

Choosing a domain name can be an exciting experience for the business owner or individual professional searching for the right name for his/her website. The domain name is usually the title of the company but that is not always available. For example, if the company title is “Johns bike shop” then the domain name could be “Johnsbikeshop.com”. If the domain name is already taken then you could add hyphens to make it “Johns-Bike-Shop.com”.

Always try to make the domain main name short so it is easy to remember. Here are few ideas you can use to help you find a perfect name:

  • Use the Initials of the company for an abbreviation “JBS”

  • Use words short words that relate to the type of website it will be.

  • Use a short catch phrase or product type name.

  • Use a name that relates to the price range of the site. If a discount site it could be “New Discount Bikes” or “ Quality cheap bikes”

  • Use words that set an image that you would like to portray for the website. If family orientated it could be “ Family Adventure bikes” or “Outdoor world”

Though the names above are not the best examples, you get the idea!. Just make sure whatever you do choose that it is fun an catching for people to remember and is representing your company brand. We are very visual and thought provoked creatures, so using words that evoke images and memory’s can help people to relate to your brand.

The target audience for your website should be in mind when choosing a name. People like to know they can trust the brand that they by from. Having an eye-catching name that instils loyalty, trust, craftsmanship and an welcoming feeling can go along way in connecting with the target audience.

Try to find the words that your target audience use when describing your products. Do a survey that asks them how they would describe certain products you offer or do a voting poll asking them to choose the words they feeling when viewing the product.

Domain name search tools

When searching for a domain name you can use popular search tools to see domains that have just become available. Sometimes these domains name can be valuable for the back-links or search value they already have providing a traffic boost to your site. However this is hard to do and they is much competition for popular fresh dropped domains. Though this would be a nice value added bonus I would recommend using the search tools below with company branding value in-mind first.

Here are some examples of sites you can use to find fresh dropped domain names:

  1. Freshdrop.com

  2. Expireddomains.net

Finding the price range and age of your target audience can help find the right words too. Mature bikers will want more sophisticated related biking words while younger bikers might want more trendier words of that time period.

One tip to use when finding the latest words is using a tool like Google Trends. On Google Trends you can find all the latest trends on topics in terms of how many searches it gets. You can change the geographical region for the searches relating to the area you would like to cover. So if you are based in the UK then searching for UK results or even regional search results is possible. You can also use the Google keyword tool to get suggestions and search volume information on certain keywords.

Using words that are not only descriptive to evoke images but words that are involving to create connecting, can drive your target audience to your site wanting to find out more. Words like family, professional, learning and environment for example are words that are easy identifiable for the target audience.

Domain Privacy

whois.com is an online database list of all the owners for all the domains on the internet. This information is information can be useful if you want to buy the domain in question or contact the owner of a particular website.

However the most common thing that occurs from this website is database mining. Marketers and bots scans this site for fresh new leads in their marketing campiagn. Soon as a new domain is registered the marketers get this information and send a emial or even call you to ask if you would like your new website designed or would you like to be on the first page of Google.

This can be annoying for people who are new to this and maybe you will be wondering how they found out about your new website so soon!. Your name, location, business address among other details are laid bare for all to see and contact you.

Thankfully you can keep this information private from the public by purchasing a private whois package from your web-hosting company or your domain name register. Usually it is as simple as ticking a box and paying a small fee along with your domain name fee on purchase.

Whatever domain name you do choose for the website, make sure it represents the brand you want to portray and have fun with it.

Thank you for viewing our article, if you have any questions or think you could add some more valuable information to this then please leave your comments below or share it to who it may help

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