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With instant access to our managed web hosting packages from only £50 per month, you will never have a website problem again. We take care of all the routine tasks and let you take care of your business.


Managed website hosting here to help you with a click of a button

Imagine letting go of all your online task and having the peace of mind that website experts are on hand to help you at any time. Think about how much time you could save if you never had to worry again about getting things done. With our highly skilled and experienced web hosting team, expert knowledge in WordPress and other static website developments, we help businesses focus on what they do best.

What you get with us

We take care of all the technical bits like website backups, updates, changes and let you run your business

Wordpress Updates

We will update the WordPress core in a staging site to ensure everything runs smoothly with your currently setup


Adminstration updates

Let our team handle optimising image, files size and setting redirects while you focus on the important stuff.

Uptime Monitoring

Our website monitoring software checks your website 24/7 to see if everything is working. If not, our team will get to work.

Database management

 We monitor your database to optimise, update and delete files to ensure your website runs smoothly .


Error Codes

Annoying error codes are a thing of the past with our error code busting team saving the day.

Website backups

We backup all website files including images, files and databases. Giving you peace of mind if anything goes wrong, your protected.

Theme maintenance

We manage all the technical aspects of it and help to ensure everything is up to date.

Wordpress Development

Need a plugin installing, a new page creating or some CSS work?, our development team have got you covered


Website Protection

Our security scans detect problems problems before they happen. If anything does manage to get through, we will fix it

Our Packages

Take a look at our maintenance packages below and choose the one that best suits your website needs.

Take a look at our hosting packages


All you need to get started online.


Per website/month

(12-month contract)

Fast and secure VPS web hosting

Secure Daily Website Backups

5,000 Monthly website Visitors

5GB Disk Space

250GB Bandwidth

FREE SSL Certificate

Optional CDN (+£10 per month)


The perfect upgrade for when your website starts to get busy.


Per website/month

(12-month contract)

Fast and secure VPS web hosting

Secure Daily Website Backups

25,000 Monthly website Visitors

10GB Disk Space

500GB Bandwidth

FREE SSL Certificate

Optional CDN (+£10 per month)


Advanced hosting providing the right solution for demanding websites


Per website/month

(12-month contract)

Fast and secure VPS web-hosting

Secure Daily Website Backups

100,000 Monthly website Visitors

20GB Disk Space

1TB Brandwidth

FREE SSL Certificate

CDN Included

Notice: You can learn more about our Terms of Service


All you need to know about our website maintenance program .

What are the hours of support?

Our working times are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and all work will be carried out during working hours. 

In case of emergencies, these will be dealt with asap over the weekend also.

What are the limitations of this service?

We created our website hosting packages to help businesses with there websites and online needs. We wanted to take-away the hassle of website management for our clients so they could focus on their own products and services, Most businesses do not house or have access to their own IT department or have the time to be learning more things while running their business.

With this in mind, all the elements we offer are what we have learned through feedback from our clients in the problems they face online. 

In most cases, these basic features of security and maintenance are enough for our clients. In some cases where a custom security solution is needed, our team will be able to discuss the options available or point our clients in the right direction to get the right hosting solution for their needs.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my hosting plan?

If you are a website design client that as free 1-year starter package hosting from us then you will have a 12-month web hosting contract. If this is the case you can upgrade but will be charged the full price for that upgrade package.

If you are a new client that is seeking web hosting then there is no long-term commitment and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time.

Will you support more than one website?

We only provide support for the business website that is on file. If you require hosting for more than one website, you will have to purchase another package for that business.  

Do you offer phone support?

While we do accept phone calls from our web hosting clients for emergencies and general enquires, we ask all our clients to use the email support provided for tasks, cancellations, and other general account matters.

What happens if I go over my package limits?

Unlike other companies, we will not shut down your website but simply let you know you have gone over and the prices for doing so are as follows:

£10 per 1000 visitors

£10 per 10gb disk


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Fruity Creative is a results-driven design agency with a passion for helping businesses bring the best out of their brand.

© 2018 Fruity Creative.

Fruity Creative is a results-driven design agency with a passion for helping businesses bring the best out of their brand.

© 2018 Fruity Creative.

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